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Very First Post


Hey guys, my name is Ezeyrite. I’ve already updated my “About” section which will pretty much sum this post up. So if you want to read the shorter version, feel free to head over to the “About” section to check it out.

Thanks again for joining me on my blog. I’ve recently been inspired to create a blog to reach out to people who feel like they are alone in the world. I’m a pretty positive person, but I have definitely gone through my rough patches in life and I found that it would have been sooooo much easier to have someone there with me.

I do have a full-time job, so I won’t be on every single minute of the day. However, I will be checking my site frequently, and if you ever need to talk I linked my email in the “Contact” section. I’m pretty understanding when it comes to depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. But if you’re just confused and need some advice, I’m here for that also.

The internet has become a pretty “savage” place and I feel like if I step out of the viscous circle, then maybe more people can follow, and in turn, the world will be a better place! I know that a few people reading my blogs isn’t going to change a lot, but imagine logging onto your computer and finding a blog post about finding your inner peace, rather than which Kardashian is getting in a divorce.

As far a content goes, it’s all going to vary. There will be days when I want to upload about how I clean my makeup brushes, and there will be days when I just want to talk about anime. So I created a “Coming Up” announcement board where you will be able to see what and when I’m posting so that you don’t have to waste your time reading through something that you aren’t going to enjoy.

I’m also 100% against click-bait, so my titles are going to be extremely relevant to the content that I’m uploading. You will never have to worry about me trying to gain more subscribers, because in the end, my goal is to just make the world a happier place.

So, its 100% up to you on how you spend your time at “Crazy Relatable” my only request is that you keep the site atmosphere positive!